Pointe Precision is the Chartering Organization for STEM Scout Lab in Plover, WI

STEM Scouts is a pilot program of the Boy Scouts of America that is designed to give youth a fun and exciting learning environment to increase their interest in science, technology, engineering, and math. In the fall of 2014, the BSA initially launched the STEM Scouts pilot program in Knoxville, Tennessee with tremendous success. Due to the great response, the BSA decided to expand the program to only twelve other councils in the United States. Samoset Council located in Weston, Wisconsin was chosen to be one of the councils to launch STEM Scouts in the fall of 2015. Samoset Council is now serving over 200 STEM Scouts in four different Central Wisconsin communities. 

STEM Scouts is open to boys and girls in three divisions: elementary school, grades 3-5, middle school, grades 6-8, and high school grades 9-12. The program provides weekly, hands-on learning experiences that includes citizenship and character building. Through experiments the children learn leadership, communication, and teamwork skills while preparing them for future STEM careers. Instrumental to STEM Scouts inspiring youth to consider the STEM professions is our partnerships with local businesses. Through corporate chartering organizations like Pointe Precision, STEM Scouts are exposed to a wide array of STEM experts that can open their eyes to the endless possibilities in STEM careers. Pointe Precision is the chartering organization for the Roosevelt Elementary STEM Scout Lab located in Plover.